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Feb 17

Butterfly cupcake tower


Wedding cupcake tower with butterflies.

Mar 31

Fairy in purple


Fairy in purple. Different colour, same design. Fairy with sparkles. Birthday girl was 3 and this was her wish for a cake. The grin was from ear to ear!

Sep 29

Club Penguin Puffle Cupcakes


These cute little cupcakes are made for a 6 year old’s birthday.  Club penguin puffle characters.  So cute!

Sep 16

14th Birthday for girls

Chocolate cake for two 14 year old girls

This cake was made out of chocolate and with a simple writing design.  Filled with chocolate butter cream.

May 28

Pastel colour 21st cake

21 pastel colours

Alternate version of a 21st birthday cake.  This was in vanilla and chocolate