Category: Adult Novelty Cakes

Jaguar cake

Jaguar cake

Bottle of wine

Wine bottle. Own label brand Chiraz

Acoustic guitar cake

Acoustic guitar.

Nurse cake

Nurse cake.

Nutella jar

Nutella jar made of cake. The Nutella on the label is actual Nutella!

Blue nose friends cake

Blue nose friends bear cake

Louis Vuitton handbag and jack Russell

Louis Vuitton handbag cake. Other dogs are available too

Lego cake

Lego cake

Louis Vuitton handbag and pug dog

Louis Vuitton handbag with pug dog Made For an 18th birthday. Initials on the side of the initials of Louis Vuitton and the birthday girl together with her age. Pug dog coming out of the top matched the party girl’s birthday present.