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Sep 18

Christmas cookies and cake pops


Gingerbread men Christmas pudding cake pops Christmas tree cookies Star cookies

Dec 02

Wedding favour cake pops


Wedding favour cake pops 6 different designs using three flavours of chocolate. White, milk and strawberry

Jan 22

90 cake pop tower


90 cake pops in a tower for a milestone birthday. 30 pops made out of vanilla sponge and plain butter icing covered in luxurious white chocolate. Double coated and then sprinkled with gold glitter and pink stars. 60 cake pops made out of chocolate sponge and chocolate butter icing. Coated in dairy milk chocolate with …

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Oct 13

Pink and blue cake push-ups


Pink and blue cake pushups for party bags for children’s birthdays.

Oct 10

Wheat, dairy and egg free cake pops and push-ups


Wheat free, dairy free, and egg free cake pops and cake push-ups. Now there’s something for every child and adult with an allergy to wheat, dairy and eggs. And they look almost as good as the traditional cakes!

Oct 05

Cake push-ups. First order!


Cake push-ups first order complete! The tumble tent in letchworth garden city are now selling Cakes by Melissa’s cake push-ups and cake pops! Cake push-ups are the latest must have in the cake world! Try then for yourself! Order now for £1.50 each. Minimum order of 10!

Oct 01

Top news! Cake push-ups


Cake push-ups. New line for cakes by Melissa. Exclusive. Next big thing. Get yours here first!

Oct 01

Halloween cake pops


Halloween cake pops are selling fast! Get yours now at the letchworth craft Market! See you soon!

Sep 29

Eye ball cake pops

Eye ball halloween

Trick or treat? These cake pop eye balls are a real treat. Come get yours this Saturday at the Garden Square Craft Market, Letchworth