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Jun 27

Tom and Jerry cake


Tom and jerry cake Made for a 4 year old little girl. She told me she wanted Tim and jerry doing things to each other! She was delighted with the finished cake!

Apr 29

Porsche cake


Porsche cake Made for a special occasion birthday Ideal cake for sports car fan in your life! Made with Victoria sponge and butter icing.

Apr 22

Angry birds cake


Angry birds cake. Smaller version of angry birds. Especially made for a young mans birthday. Vanilla sponge and butter icing.

Mar 12

50th birthday cake with calla lillies


50tg birthday cake with calla lillies. Made with fruit cake and covered in marzipan and icing. Decorated with an ornate design and calls lillies.

Feb 13

Angry birds cupcakes


Angry birds cupcakes Made with vanilla sponge and red or green colouring to compliment the toppings. All designs of angry birds available

Nov 10

Modelling figure on cake


Modelling figure on birthday cake designed in a likeness of birthday boy! Happy birthday Ash!

Nov 10

Giant cupcake with piped roses


Giant cupcake with piped roses. This was delivered to a cub camp where one young leader was celebrating her birthday at camp. Not a lot was left!

Nov 09

Birthday cake with music


Birthday cake with music. Birthday boy belongs to a choir and this music is the opening bars to the choirs signature song. Was displayed at the choirs cd recording and fed 70 people

Sep 02

Birthday Football Cake

Football 65th Birthday Cake

Victoria sponge birthday cake for a football supporter for his 65th birthday.  Served 15-20 people.  Ordered by his daughter as a surprise

Aug 05

90th Birthday cup cakes

Cupcakes for a 90th birthday

90th birthday cupcakes with pink butter icing.  These were vanilla sponge and coloured vanilla butter icing.  Glitter finished off the decoration

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