Category: Milestone birthdays

Louis Vuitton handbag and pug dog

Louis Vuitton handbag with pug dog Made For an 18th birthday. Initials on the side of the initials of Louis Vuitton and the birthday girl together with her age. Pug dog coming out of the top matched the party girl’s birthday present.

18th red cake with white stars

18th red cake with white stars.

16th make up cake

16th make up cake With different make up items to decorate

90th birthday cake

Joint birthday cake

Joint birthday cake 21st birthday and 60th birthday Red roses and black icing and gold ribbon

Cupcake tower

Cupcake tower for a 21st birthday boy. With giant cupcake and matching cupcakes spelling out happy 21st birthday.

Garden cake

Garden cake Gardener an vegetables with a robin and tortoiseshell cat and a camera.

25th feathers cake

25th feathers cake Gold and black theme. Made with coffee and walnut sponge

Rock n roll cake

Rock n roll cake Made for a 50th birthday with a rock n roll theme. Asymmetric cake with two chocolate sponges and one vanilla sponge Has a jiver dancing, a juke box and a Cadillac coming out of the top. Music notes scattered around coming out on wire and decorated in contrasting coloured spots.

49 again cake

49 again cake. For a 50th birthday with a yellow theme only. Made with vanilla sponge and buttercream icing