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Oct 13

Dj turntable cake


Dj turntable cake

May 07

Bad tinkerbell cake


Bad tinkerbell cake. Cake modelled on customers tattoo. Made with vanilla sponge and butter icing.

Mar 31

Fairy in purple


Fairy in purple. Different colour, same design. Fairy with sparkles. Birthday girl was 3 and this was her wish for a cake. The grin was from ear to ear!

Mar 15

Corset cake


Corset cake for a 30th birthday. Made from vanilla sponge with butter cream icing and strawberry jam. Modelled in the birthday girl’s corset.

Feb 18

Peppa pig cupcakes


Peppa pig cupcakes For a 2nd birthday. Vanilla cupcakes with Peppa pig toppers

Feb 13

Angry birds cake


Angry birds cake. With characters an a scene from the angry birds game. Ideal for all occasions.

Oct 17

70th wedding anniversary cake


70th wedding anniversary cake. Made with vanilla sponge and vanilla butter icing. Decorated in silver and diamonds. 70th anniversary is diamonds and platinum!

Oct 13

Pink and blue cake push-ups


Pink and blue cake pushups for party bags for children’s birthdays.

Oct 08

Arsenal shield cake


Arsenal shield cake. Made with Victoria sponge and butter icing. For an arsenal fan’s birthday. Shhhh it’s a surprise! Happy birthday!

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